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General Information

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If the shoot was to be cancelled due to weather conditions/Covid etc we will do our very best to tell you via this website and/or the FaceBook page. Until notified otherwise please take it that the shoot is still on!
Top field is more suitable for 4x4 vehicles (when ground wet and soft). 2-wheel drive vehicles only park in the lower parking area. Please park considerately. 
If we have had a lot of rain the top parking field which is more suited to 4x4's can get a bit slippy so please try and car share where possible and park sensibly!

Sunday morning 75 Bird Sporting clay pigeon shoot starts at 10.00 am.

Please note the last sign in is at 11.00 am

Revised price for our new 75 Bird Sporting:

£18 members and £23 for guests (new price July 2023)



Thank You to our sponsors of the club 

Wild Boar Clay Pigeon Club

The Wild Boar Clay Pigeon Club is a shooting club based at Bosley, Cheshire in the North West of England adjacent to Congleton, Macclesfield and Buxton. 75 Bird Sporting Clays every third Sunday of the month. Members pay £18 per shoot and non-members pay £23. The shoot is registered with the police to accommodate non-certificate holders.


This shooting ground is FIBRE WAD ONLY.  Cartridges (12 gauge) are available for purchase on site, when signing in, to holders of a valid gun license only.


Safety is obviously paramount and we strongly recommend reading our Safety Rules below.

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The Wild Boar Clay Pigeon Club is situated at Dumbers on the A54 Bosley, Macclesfield, Cheshire not far from Bosley Crossroads. Surrounded by Macclesfield, Buxton, Congleton and Leek.


Click on the map for more information and directions then come and find our clay pigeon shoot in Cheshire.

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Upper Parking Area


Main parking area is situated in the top field to the left when arriving at the shooting ground. When wet the ground can become a little soft and we recommend 4x4 vehicles in this field. When dry most types of vehicle are normally fine parking in here.


Lower Parking Area


Due to the limited space in the lower parking area we recommend using this area sensibly ie. no 4x4's please unless permsission has been granted, 2 wheel drive vehicles etc


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WBCPC shoot a 75 bird sporting layout every third Sunday of the month at 10.00am. Please check the Calendar below:

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75 Bird Sporting Clay Pigeon Shoot​

*New Prices from July 2023*

Cost for member is £18

Cost for non-member / Guest is £23 (revised July 2023)

New Membership cost £40

Cartridges available on morning of shoot £8.00/box of 25

The shoot is also registered with the police to accommodate non-certificate holders.

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Wild Boar Clay Pigeon Club








1.  These rules will be on public display for the attention of all Visitors (shooters and spectators) and Employees.


2.  The club has an appointed CPSA-trained Safety Officer (SO), delegated by WBCPC Directors to uphold the club’s safety policy and ensure the safe layout of all traps and shooting stands.  In the event that the SO is absent from a shoot, the role will be deputised to one of two named deputies.


3.  Any shooter contravening WBCPC safety rules may be stopped from shooting and if necessary, escorted off the range by the Safety Officer or deputy.




4.  Portable First Aid boxes will be kept in the club house (caravan) and in the lower clay shed.  A sign in the club house will indicate the duty First Aider on each shoot day.



5.  Starting the shoot - shooting will only commence when the SO is satisfied with layout safety (including stand positions, fencing and signage) and that no set-up team members are still working in the potential line of fire.  The start the shoot signal is 3 loud blasts of the air horn.


6.  Stop-the-shoot signal - Trapping and shooting must stop immediately if a dangerous situation arises (eg walkers on adjacent land, farm animals on shooting ground) and will not resume until clearance is given by the Safety Officer or deputy.  The stop shooting signal will be one loud blast of the air horn kept in the club house, by order of the Safety Officer/ or any of the Field Officers.  Resumption of shooting will take place after 3 blasts of the signal.

7.  All guns must be kept open and unloaded except when in a cage (safety enclosure) and ready to shoot.  Semi-autos should be sleeved, or seen to be open at the breech (a Safety Flag may be used) when not in use, and held with the muzzle pointing upwards.  Break action guns should preferably be carried over the forearm (T position).  To avoid hitting others around you, empty and open guns should not be carried over the shoulder.  WBCPC encourages the use of gun slips.


8.  All cartridges used at WBCPC shoots will have a maximum load of 32 g, and maximum shot size Number 6.  Only fibre wad cartridges may be used and steel shot is not allowed.


9.  Drink/drugs – any shooter believed to be under the influence of drink/drugs will not be allowed to shoot and may be escorted off the range if necessary by the Safety Officer or deputy.


10.  Spent cartridges - As far as practically possible, all firing positions will have a stable flooring to minimise the risk of slipping or tripping.  The use of bins for spent cartridges is mandatory, for your comfort and safety and that of other shooters.


11.  Under the Firearms Act 1968, prohibited persons cannot use a shotgun or purchase ammunition under the Firearms Act 11 (6) Exemption Certificate held by WBCPC.  (Prohibited person = someone who is banned from holding a shotgun certificate because they have had a custodial sentence of more than 3 months but less than 3 years and they are banned from having a certificate for 5 years.  A custodial sentence longer than 3 years = banned from holding a certificate for life.)


12.  All shooters should note CPSA’s 10 key points for clay target shooters, copies of which are displayed around the shooting ground, and found here in Appendix 1.  These are the fundamentals of safe shooting.


13.  Hearing, eye, head protection - In line with CPSA recommendations, WBCPC Directors advise all Visitors and Employees to wear hearing, eye and head protection (hearing protection available at the club house on request). 






Appendix 1   CPSA 10 key points for safe shooting


  • RESPECT – Treat all guns as if they are loaded, an accident could be fatal.

  • SAFE AND SOUND – All guns must be in proof and in good order.  Do not use a faulty or unsound gun.

  • EMPTY AND OPEN – Carry guns open and empty, semi-autos bolt back and flagged.  Never rely on a safety catch.

  • CORRECT CARTRIDGES – Only carry the correct cartridges for the gauge and chamber of gun you are using.

  • BARRELS CLEAR – Check the barrels are free from obstruction before loading.  Check for light.

  • POINT DOWN THE RANGE – Keep barrels pointing down the range at all times when loaded.  Open and empty immediately after firing.

  • ONLY SHOOT CLAYS – Only point or shoot at targets thrown for you on your command.

  • MISFIRES – Keep gun closed for twenty seconds, barrels down the range.  Check barrels are clear after a soft or unusual discharge.

  • REMEMBER – Alcohol, drugs and horseplay do not mix with guns.

  • RESPONSIBILITY – You and only you are responsible for the safe handling of your gun and the behaviour and safety of your guests, family and animals if they accompany you to a shoot.


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